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Folles de leur corps / Crazy about their bodies

Folles de leur corps / Crazy about their bodies is a book that I designed, which accompanies Sharon Kivland's exhibition - also entitled Folles de leur corps / Crazy about their bodies - at CGP London. The exhibition, which considers the relation between women and their bodies, will include a library, with an occasional librarian, and one off events, and runs from 8 October to 9 November 2014.

Folles de leur corps / Crazy about their bodies has 96 pages and was printed by Aldgate Press, London, on Munken Pure with a cover of ripple textured Keaycolour in Guardsman Red; it contains a tipped-in colour frontispiece; and pages 25 to 26 have been hand annotated by Linda Stupart. The book is published by CGP London in association with Ma Bibliothèque, and contains short texts and essays written in in response to Kivland's textual descriptions of works from: Pascal Beausse, Alison J. Carr, Vincent Dachy, Rachel Garfield, Chris Gibson, Catherine Grant, Johan F. Hartle, Ralf F. Hartmann, Frances Haselden, James Hellings, Jean-Marc Huitorel, Jaspar Joseph-Lester, Esther Leslie, Juliet Flower MacCannell, Forbes Morlock, Dany Nobus, Sanja Perovic, John W. P. Phillips, Steve Pile, Stefan Sczelkun, Joshua Simon, Linda Stupart, John Timberlake, and Sarah Wood.

Dovecot Banners

I'm very pleased to see that the banners I designed for Dovecot Studios' Festival exhibitions are up in Chambers Street in the centre of Edinburgh. The photographs belie the size of the banners, which are 76 x 280 cm. They were fabricated by McRobb in Edinburgh. I designed a slightly different (and slightly smaller) banner to hang outside Dovecot Studios. The banners use the three logo that I developed for the invitation cards and leaflets; the white background is very distinctive against the dark Edinburgh stone and (sometimes) blue skies of August.

Fresh from the Printers!

Where do I end and you begin, the book I have been designing for the Edinburgh Art Festival is now back from the printers. I am very pleased with the results: it is almost exactly as I imagined it! Thanks to Allander, Edinburgh, for another fantastic print job. Where do I end and you begin opens on Friday 1 August at the City Arts Centre, Edinburgh and at various offsite locations throughout the city, until 19 October.

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